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Chinese Tinder Profiles Are Using Photos of Pretty Girls to Scam “Investors”,Signs of an Online Romance Scammer

The Mirage scam is one of the newer Chinese dating scams out there in which fake dating sites are developed. Scamming sites are located on free hosts and exist only for a few They use fake profiles with fake names and fake photos. Don’t be surprised to see an online profile of someone claiming to be Chinese but donning Korean outfit. If you notice something The authors of the study analyzed more than , profiles, drawn from Jiayuan's million users, which the site's employees had flagged as scam accounts. And while by far the most For unscrupulous cheats, the use of unverified online dating app profiles together with newfangled “opportunities” like Forex or cryptocurrency are a match made in heaven. Don’t A study by Grammarly shows that just two mistakes means men are 14% less likely to get a response. That’s a crazy statistic, and you’d think that someone who genuinely cares about ... read more

I love it when dry humour goes unappreciated. The investment and wealth recommendations came quickly. The scammer cottoned on to my idiotic statements and participated in the farce. To test my theory, and with persistence, I insisted they take a photo selfie in which they made a specific hand gesture to prove authenticity. If it was someone else operating the profile, and not the girl in the pic, they could indeed have ready access to a stolen photo of some innocent person making this gesture.

Some of the profiles I matched with were not scammers. I was certain they were but was surprised to find normal, nice people. Who knew?! They had real Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts, with actual content and interactions, not the usual sock puppet crap. Criminal Contagion: How Mafias, Gangsters and Scammers Profit from a Pandemic. A few women initiated video calls in which we discussed anything from language, culture, hobbies, politics and the virus situation to relationship goals.

Photos of pretty people is apparently all it takes for a situation to escalate into anything from a minor shakedown to financial devastation. A person introduced themselves in the comments section of this article in May It was the beginning of many duplicitous WhatsApp conversations now identifiable as an investment fraud stolen funds recovery scam.

Read more about me and follow me on Twitter. To hire me see the page about my services. Chinese girls in their twenties are just ruthless and greedy, desparate to get money rather than earn it like everyone else. Never get yourself a GF from there either, they will turn out to be ruthless after all the initial sweet talk has worn off. While there are definitely issues with scammers there, it is a huge country with lots of regularly hardworking people. I think they are a hardworking people and industrious — and sadly crime is an easy way out for some.

Good and bad everywhere. This is true. I want to talk about the girl with the peace sign. I have many pictures of her too. I believe this girl has serious metal issues and multiple personalities. She begged me to invest with her, but I would never do such a risky type investment. im curious how the scheme actually works. I have a good idea. I think this information will be very useful in not falling for their scams.

Ive collected alot of info on this individual so if you would like to compare notes. Send my a message. She even offered to pay for a hotel so I can visit. I mean it is after all incredibly obvious from your perfect command of the English language and understanding of British sarcasm.

Your entire article is racist and you will pay a heavy price for your attack on China!! There are no scams here and you are just making this up to fuel your anti China agenda. We know where you are and we are watching your family closely!! You have made my day! Say China is a pathetic little man, then I ask what kind of a humble ant is your country?

and yes they feel like real person sometimes, and conversations can last months, i still have a couple still on since December or so, all pushing for investments in cryptocurrencies, claiming 6 figures gains a month can be easily made with their precious advices. From 5 matches all 5 turned out to be Chinese with live bombing and wanting to teach me investment on the second day of chat.

All wanted me to invest, though the topic we talked was unrelated and I never asked about money or finance. I speak from experience. Conversation was pleasant until investment was raised. He, in fact, saved a lot of people from paying a heavy price to those girls…. I am a girl from Kazakhstan and I was scammed by a guy from China. Be careful please! What you are saying is wrong.

I was vigilant so I found out early. They are also trying this with male profiles as well. I get a lot of mysterious good looking Asian guys that just happe to be close by. Who sometimes are straight as well, but matching with me because they want friends. I have used other apps in the past and spoken to many Asian guys nearby and world wide but tinder has a real problem with these fake Asian accounts that want to get you to Invest.

I think such people are not necessarily Chinese. There are also many people who pretend to be Chinese and do such things. We must judge from our subjective meaning when analyzing things. We cannot listen to what others say. If it is a Scammer Anna, I send a screenshot where it showed that I had a million dollars and that tomorrow I would teach to invest in the gold market, I call by videoconference and if it is a girl but it does not look much like the one in the photo XD obviously it is all blocked and leave a nice message that the police are already on their way to get her.

Also in a WhatsApp with a girl named Anna, Qianqian, her dad is a financial analyst, she owns a makeup company, wants me to screenshot my crypto wallet so she can advise me on how to increase my earnings, etc.

Kathy Lin for me! Same scenario, Filthy rich uncle. So thankful for this information that has confirmed my suspicions. But since yesterday she has been asking me to download metatrader4 to earn money. Facebook dating is exactly the same. All saying they are Chinese from Hong Kong some based in Singapore or Thailand. ALL have uncles who treat them very well and teach trading, they in turn will teach you.

I have three now. All want to teach me trading with BTCUSD. One gave me a demo trading account with , to practice with. Now all three want me to open a real trading account so to trade with them.

They also all have an uncle that sees to work on the New York stock exchange. One texts me and says their uncle just called and to get on the account and to trade now. I usually make a lot of money but feel like it is all set up. What to do? tell all of them to FUCK OFF. it is all scam my friend. read all comments here. it is all BS. Thank you for this article. Especially the point about engaging and investing in long conversation. I normally uncover such scams immediately, but only because normal scams are freaking badly performed.

So it happened, that the first young woman already sounded too good to be true. Like in your article, owns a shop or something like that. And of course, just recently left the city back to Hong Kong, because of the pandemic. In a normal conversation, where it suited the case, she mentioned very brief, that she is fortunate, despite the problems in the pandemic and her shop, to still be financial secure.

Well, bad luck I guess. Today, it just starts the same with the second luxorious Chinese — Hong Kong woman, who just left the country and is interested in engaging a real conversation. Li Zilan could be a common Chinese name. first of all: Never try to verify a person with a peace gesture. In every photo set of a girl there is at least one with a peace gesture.

I got a chinese tinder contact too, also from hongkong with a beauty salon. I saw the website and there was a gmail mail account for contacts, which looked very dubious. When I asked her why only this website knows about this GCP token and why there is no ICO date of it on other websites she insulted me and blocked me. I am from Italy and the same exact thing happened to me with two girls met on Speaky language exchange app until today 4th of February when I quit both of them.

The first claimed to be originally from Beijng but living in Edinburgh UK phone number and owning a restaurant and the second from Hong Kong and living there Hong Kong phone number owning a clothing shop. Same story, I was asked for whatsapp contact right away and then all went for a nice easygoing chat with photos of both good looking girls, lasted almost one month.

One offered to teach me how to make money and the other asked me, because she was very busy with her fashion company, if I could help her managing her investments by downloading the metatrade app and giving me her login and password. For luck I am skeptical and I was able to understand it was too good to be true, but unfortunately some naive people fall into their net. There is something else you are missing.

They all insist on using WhatsApp. Not snapchat, not signal. Just WhatsApp. There is some scam they can do with your WhatsApp. Google says it is not difficult to associate a punters WhatsApp with a new device, where they can read all your other messages and hopefully find sensitive banking or credit card details if you messaged those to a family member.

Sharing WhatsApp also shares your mobile phone number. With some sweet talk they will get your full name from you and have your mobile phone number. That combination is a powerful combination.

Almost certainly also your photo. Maybe you can help me understand, Why WhatsApp. If these racketeers get caught, they could face some very, very serious punishment. well my friend let me tell you this, the exact thing is happening to me , one of then supposedly her name is ella miller and the other one annie both of then from new york.

and both of the contact me first through regular tex but the area code of they phone number was from florida and new j and the jump in to whatsup,, and it can be a cosidence but everything started whe i opened my account in signal , right after one asian girl contact calling me steve and if i still in chicago, i said yiu got wrong number, then she said sorry , for the mistake and started asking for name and birth place, never asked, and then the supposedly mistaken tex messages started it on my private number.

I think you got fooled on that one. I would put money down that almost all have a photo with a peace symbol. Yes, in hindsight, I agree that Chinese girls all have photos of themselves doing a peace sign. So the girl might not be a girl but someone else pretending to be her. How does this change the fact that this is still a scam? You mean dreamy Asian woman are doing scams…nooo lmao Its epidemic.

Warning signs on Tinder 1. Ferrari, Lamborghini, RR etc. Made piles of money that day. Screen shots of financial graphs 4. Travel alot 5. Luxury brands 6. Endless talk about teaching you success and propaganda speak 7.

If you set boundaries about money talk they evaporate or insult. But always ghost shortly. Immediately shift to whatsapp and delete tinder match.. Red Flag. Claim to be in your search region but are almost always in China or Singapore. I never have. This article helped. I will pretend to be superman next time.

The Chinese bitch wanted me to add MORE MONEY! But i digress. The money i lost was from my Coinbase account that i have been slowly building and gradually growing in investment returns. Is there no one from this site could claim that not all investment opportunities are fake? Watch out for so-called funds recovery experts. I also want to share a similar experience I had this week.

Passport in Tinder was free at least for my region one entire month. So I decided it would be a good idea to swipe in London. One thing in common as someone mentioned before here, was that almost immediately they ask for your WhatsApp and cancel the match in tinder once you start chatting in WhatsApp. So I started chatting with this Korean girl. It was actually kind of weird because she stated that she was residing in Korea but raised in France but she had a WhatsApp number from UK lol.

That was a red flag. I am not that much of an attractive guy in my country. And this girl was insanely beautiful. At first I just thought the beauty standards were different in Asia and probably I was somehow attractive in Asia, so I gave it a chance.

I was chatting with this girl via WhatsApp for about 1 week and she told me she was wealthy and all that stuff. She even shared some photos with me and sent audios! Literally she will send audios to me from time to time 2 second audios but still made sense in the conversation. She said she owns a gym with a friend which she invested with and also a clothing brand in France or something like that.

It was just too good to be true to be honest. She said she wanted to come to visit my country and also to teach me how to invest. She said she will look for the requirements to visit me blahblah. In the end she told me she will have everything setup in about 2 months probably expect me to scam me within those 2 months.

Also she acted really cute and was talking to me as if she wanted something serious and she also flirted with me via text. Long story short, she started talking about crypto currency and basically she wanted me to invest in bitcoin and another weird crypto currency SST, something like that. Up to this point, I kinda felt it was a scam but I wanted to know how the scam would be, as buying bitcoin and investing to my own wallet is not really a scam.

In the end, she said I was supposed to exchange bitcoin for SST and could not buy SST directly from well known cryptocurrency sites. The page seems like a total scam. I wanted to find some information in google for that page but did not find anything. Bullshit if you ask me, lol.

So just be aware of this, people. Trust no one when it comes to people trying you to invest and you have not even met. I really wish i found this before i got duped for £ Same story happened to me but the fake exchange was web. It was doubtful even at the beginning of the scamming game but I just wanted to try.

It was so realistic, she gave me a UK address just to prove that she is based in the UK, but she refused voice calls. Hi Interesting article! You should have mentioned that Facebook Dating has had a lot of these. Tagged formerly Hi5 is the worst site ever, full of so many scams including these ones. Thank you so much!

You literally saved me today! All of you. I tried Tinder for the first time. During this Sunday 5 five! chinese, malaysian, japanese girls addressed me.

I am from Prague. She bought and sold 20 BTC during one night! Unfortunatelly, I am very well experienced in crypto world or I think it about myself. Both of them couldnt stop explaining me, how to earn money.

So, I told them, i am interested in other things then money. So, They started to be angry. The third one was from Japan. Unfortunatelly, I spent in Japan several months when was on high school. My japanese girlfriend is my lifetime friend and we keep in touch for 20years. I started something in Japanese. But she was only Born there, father was travelling like me and found her mother in China,so they live there.

She is mining BTC, parents as well. She mines 1BTC in 2 months. I started to be nervous and then found your article. Fourth lives here in Prague. At her aunts place, was today in hotel Ambassador Wencslas square, my flat is like 5 minutes walking. But she has no time. She manages company in SINGAPORE. But again, Thank you so much!!!!! Interesting reading what you described. I just finished today a chat of about 3 weeks from one from a Facebook match from Malaysia — uncle knows secrets on how to make six figure daily profits from Forex, is a key guy in Wall St etc.

Her Facebook profile is skeleton, and she claimed to have studied finance at LSE. I happen to know that foreign students at LSE are expected to have a high standard of English, everything the girl was typing was a google translation as she at one point mistakenly pasted something to me in Chinese.

Happened to me as well. I kept on talking and thought the scammer was really dumb and I felt sorry for her. Hello everyone, here is my story. All the girls wanted to move the conversation to WhatsApp after two or three messages on Tinder.

All of them after a week started talking about how much money they were making, investing, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies.

Buying a house, big holidays in Australia, visiting uncle in London. Many fake profiles are sloppily prepared. They only have one or two photos, and the bare minimum filled out on their profile. Sometimes, fake users forgo pictures of people altogether and opt for images of hobbies or animals.

Although some just really value their privacy on such apps, others purposely keep information to a minimum because their profiles are fabricated. Keep this tip in mind when you try to find the perfect profile picture for your own account too. While there are certainly models who use dating profiles, it's suspicious for profile pictures to look like photoshoots.

Be sure your prospective date isn't just using stock images. A quick reverse search can let you know if the picture is on other sites. Related: Best Reverse Image Search Apps for iPhone and Android. Using stock images or model headshots is a key technique scammers use to entice their victims. It isn't uncommon for scammers to make multiple accounts using the same picture or for different scammers to base their fake profiles on the same model.

While using the same pictures on different platforms isn't uncommon, it's suspicious when you see repeats of a picture on the same site. This is especially true when the profiles all have different names, cities, or ages. Sending funny memes or interesting articles back and forth is pretty common when trying to get to know someone. However, if the person prompts you to sign-up for anything or shares a link you don't recognize, it's better not to click on it.

Sometimes these links are used in phishing scams or to distribute malicious software onto your devices. While dating profiles don't disclose who users interact with, social media platforms offer some insight into the connections a profile has. If someone reaches out to you on Instagram or Facebook and has thousands or barely any friends or followers, it is an indication the account is new or used for spamming purposes.

You should be able to hold "normal" conversations with your connections. Chats riddled with significantly poor grammar or disjointed conversations are probably not who they claim to be from. The tragedy of being in love, especially during the initial dating phase, is that you tend to trust your prospective partner. Sometimes people ignore obvious signs of trouble — things that would naturally make you doubt the intentions of the other party.

If you are unlucky to hook up with a scammer, such over-trust can cost you big time both in terms of money and emotions. Emotions may prevent you from evaluating the situation properly. Most western social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are banned in China Mainland. If your Chinese lover says that he resides in China mainland and then goes ahead to chat with you on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you are most probably talking to a scammer.

Scammers will go to any lengths just to steal your personal information, passwords and especially payment details. A popular trick is to lure a gullible western visitor into subscribing to a website or online service that the scammers control. If your partner is telling you to join a website that allegedly. Why would you use a translation site when Google Translate is free? Chinese women are passive participants in almost every aspect of dating.

A genuine Chinese lady will leave you to handle all the dating logistics on your own and only invite her to the party when everything is set. People of these four nationalities have so much in common but they are not completely identical. Take the Koreans vs the Chinese, for example. Korean ladies prefer extremely bright traditional outfits while their Chinese counterparts tend to align with the western fashion trends.

Now, back to the scammers, these are people who are not half as smart as they think they are. They use fake profiles with fake names and fake photos. If you notice something of the sort in a profile, this is certainly a scammer alert. Be very careful with a Chinese man who tells you everything about his career history, aspirations, past relationships, etc. from the onset. Asian men are taught from a tender age not to ask for financial favors from their women. your Chinese boyfriend is a poor college student.

He will never accept money from you. As cautious as you could be, sometimes a scammer will manage to trick you. Now rise, dust yourself up, and do the following:. Recovering the lost funds can be pretty challenging but not entirely impossible. The most common scenario is that the scammer asked for money to arrange a visit and then failed to show up.

Chances are that this person will resurface after a week or so with an explanation. Many scammers will keep asking you for money for as long as you will be willing to send it. Once you realize that you have fallen victim to a foul play, you can contact your bank and report a scam. On certain occasions bank security will be able to recover the payment. It is generally recommended to block every communication channel that the fraudster may use to get in touch with you later on.

While dealing with the consequences may be painful, you should buckle up and move on. If the person in question insists that you go to a remote village or maybe demand that you sleep at her place, it is only natural to doubt these suggestions — and a real person would understand it. Just pack your bags and book the next flight back home. Stay on the safe side! In case the scammer stole confidential data from your PC, probably by sending you a phishing email, move quickly and make the data they stole obsolete.

If your budget allows, hire an expert to perform a security check. Keep searching for the right Chinese lover and you will definitely get your match someday. Here is what you can do:. The Chinese tend to be brutally honest with their significant others.

A new study of the largest online dating site in China reveals hundreds of thousands of con artists. Ask a single American city-dweller about deception in the world of online dating and you'll hear a litany of familiar, if not particularly serious, complaints: exaggerated heights, photos so flattering they border on fantasy, and horndog men who overstate their desire to settle down.

A new study, " Quit Playing Games With My Heart: Understanding Online Dating Scams ," a collaboration between University College London and Jiayuan, China's largest dating site, revealed the unbelievably creative and involved cons that plague online dating there.

The authors of the study analyzed more than , profiles, drawn from Jiayuan's million users, which the site's employees had flagged as scam accounts. And while by far the most popular of these scams — fake profiles promoting escort services — will be familiar to anyone who uses Tinder in the U.

The most ingenious of the Jiayuan scams starts when the owner of a fancy restaurant hires an attractive woman, who then makes a dating profile. The woman then contacts a lonely heart over Jiayuan and convinces him to take her on a date to the expensive restaurant, where she runs up an enormous tab. Afterward, of course, the bilked bachelor never hears from his date again. Indeed, as the study points out, the mark may have even had a good time while getting grifted.

It's also, according to Stringhini, not strictly illegal, so the conspirators don't put themselves at much of a risk. And a lot of guys have been grifted: The study identified 57, accounts associated with the "date for profit" scam. While the pricey restaurant scam mostly targets men, the so-called "swindler" scams more often take advantage of unsuspecting women. For example, in the fascinating "flower basket" con, a profile representing an "attractive mid-aged man" contacts a middle-aged woman and, over time, develops an entirely online romantic relationship with her.

The grifter directs his victim to a local florist — who he knows — and then they share the profit. Because the "flower basket" scam is so culturally specific, it may be tempting to isolate it as a Chinese phenomenon. That would be a mistake, according to Stringhini. While the cultural particulars of online dating scams may change, the social and emotional forces at play are universal.

Said Stringhini, "In principle there's no reason it couldn't happen in the U. Contact Joseph Bernstein at joe. bernstein buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip? China's Ingenious Online Dating Scams Put Ours To Shame A new study of the largest online dating site in China reveals hundreds of thousands of con artists.

by Joseph Bernstein BuzzFeed News Reporter. Joseph Bernstein BuzzFeed News Reporter. incoming Your weekday morning guide to breaking news, cultural analysis, and everything in between.

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Chinese Dating Scams You Should Watch Out For,How Far Will a Tinder Scammer Go?

The Tinder forex scam is a new, yet quite sophisticated method some groups of criminals (mainly from China) use to lure men into investing in the forex market in order to get his money. It’s a A study by Grammarly shows that just two mistakes means men are 14% less likely to get a response. That’s a crazy statistic, and you’d think that someone who genuinely cares about Any Chinese girl can make a fake online dating profile. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fake profiles online designed to snag an innocent person’s attention, time and They use fake profiles with fake names and fake photos. Don’t be surprised to see an online profile of someone claiming to be Chinese but donning Korean outfit. If you notice something AdWonderful, Kind, International Singles Looking For A Relationship. Sign Up For Free. Foreign Love On Dream Singles Ready To Chat. Browse Now. Click Now To Sign Up For Free For unscrupulous cheats, the use of unverified online dating app profiles together with newfangled “opportunities” like Forex or cryptocurrency are a match made in heaven. Don’t ... read more

In the end she told me she will have everything setup in about 2 months probably expect me to scam me within those 2 months. It's also, according to Stringhini, not strictly illegal, so the conspirators don't put themselves at much of a risk. I think such people are not necessarily Chinese. They use pictures of asian beauties who have nothing to do with the scheme. Ferrari, Lamborghini, RR etc. A Chinese lady will be reasonably secretive. Just be aware there are incredibly devious people that want your money rather than do honest work themselves.

I have a great job lmao. Romance scams. Hong Kong is a commonly chosen destination as it is seen as a desirable, chinese online dating fake profiles, successful, civilised society. The application name is Langmate now gone on google play store but still have on app store. So, I told them, i am interested in other things then money. I think they are a hardworking people and industrious — and sadly crime is an easy way out for some.